Active Wisdom:
Flowering Into Our Elderhood

Through the Lenses of:
My Freedom, My Development,
My Wellness & My Vocation

This program is in development.
Dates coming in May 2019.

Who is the programme for?
It is for people who see themselves as complete with parenting and/or work as primary aspects of their lives. People who are seeking to find their unique purpose as elders in their family and communities, and who know they have a genuine wish to share their wisdom, from a life well lived, with people and projects they care about.

What is the Purpose of this on-line programme?
The aim of this introductory programme is to provide the opportunity for members to come together to explore this time in their lives and look ahead to the next phase of their life journey. This is not about age but more about their sensing that they have potential for more joy, more fun and more activities that support their own and others wellbeing. At the heart of this gathering of people is a celebration of interplay between our spirit, emotion, body and mind with a deep connection to the Wisdom of Mother Earth that naturally supports this exploration.

Background to the concept of Active Wisdom:
In 2011 Mary Catherine Bateson, the daughter of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson, published the book Composing a Further Life where she proposed a new stage in in Erik Erikson’s adult psychosocial development model that she called “Active Wisdom”.

This new stage sits between the mid-life stage of Generativity and the original eighth stage of Old Age. Mary Catherine suggests that this stage arises now because of the health longevity of the baby boomer generation who tend to have more time, space and resources because they are no longer so pre-occupied with work or parenting.

Active Wisdom, as a stage in one’s life, brings with it a time of new freedom and creativity. It also brings with is a search for increased meaning in one’s life, the sharing of expertise gained during working lives and consideration of legacy that one wishes to leave. It can be a time of deep reflection on what one might have hoped to do but, also, to explore what it is not too late to do.

Mary Catherine describes the “virtue” of Active Wisdom as being about sharing insight gained from rich life experience that is flavoured with energy and commitment that is combined with new levels of experimenting, travel, study, retirement, work and a refreshed interest in giving back to others. The “vulnerability” of this stage can be an attendent loss of identity that leads one to withdraw rather than whole -heartedly engage with new possibilities.

In this six-week online programme, we invite you to reflect on the life you have lived so far and to take time, in a circle of others, to appreciate what you have gained. This ground of wisdom will then support you to dream out ahead and see what is calling to you from the future.

At the intersection of our passions, our gifts and the contributions is fertile territory for renewing the joys and purpose of being alive. This is a new time in our life, one that offers us opportunities to give back what we have received from our life, so that those who follow can benefit from our wisdom in action.

This work is not meant to be done alone or in isolation. And so we call a circle of people to come together, across timezones and cultures, to explore together what we may each, and all, learn about Active Wisdom. We aim to be in supportive relationship with one another, as we learn and grow together.

When we humans find ways to truly serve our families, our communities and our wider world, we tap into a fount of focused energy that helps us to weather any storms that life may bring to us in the turbulent waters of modern life. Our strongest intention for this programme is that we find the ways to tap into and renew a deep sense of joy in our daily lives, so that we may freely give it away to others.

Course Outline

  • Module #1 - My Freedom

    My Freedom awakens us to our audacious self that can presence new beginnings, new horizons and new expression with ease and grace. We will explore the way that freedom of expression can be a wonderful playground at this time in our lives. Imagining the future for this new stage can help sustain us through life’s ups and downs.
  • Module #2 - My Development

    My Development opens the pathway to adventures that enable us to respond to life challenges and step more fully into opportunities for growth. We will explore the stages of development and offer practical ways to explore the journey we have walked so far and how we can see and apply the wisdom that is ours from this life experience.
  • Module #3 - My Wellbeing

    My Wellbeing explores the interplay between the physical, emotional mental and spiritual realms to bring wholeness and balance to ourselves in expanding our capacity to care for ourselves and our community. This area of our life can present the greatest challenges, as well as the greatest growth.
  • Module #4 - My Vocation

    My Vocation seeks how passion can be re-awkened (if necessary) and sustained by the person that we are now. We will envision the life we want to lead and see the next clear steps towards that imagining. Above all, we will experience the joy of playing with others with experiences that are unlike our own, but offer new windows into what we might become now.

The fees for this program are $450 US.

Alternative Economic Options
100% of the suggested registration fee for our courses cover the costs of producing the trainings, and we have consciously priced them to be as accessible as possible.

AND we don’t want finances to get in the way of your participation, so there are alternative financial options in your registration form, including an invitation to contribute more to cover those who can’t pay the full rate. Please help make this training accessible to all who would benefit by contributing at the level you are able.

If even the reduced costs offered are a challenge for you right now and you would like to talk about other options, please send an email to describing your situation and interest, and we’ll see if we can work something out.

About Us:
The programme will be held under the auspices of Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom which is a US 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering and nourishing the re-connection of people with the Wisdom of Mother Earth. Its purpose is to build a co-creative community committed to sharing, applying and evolving the Teachings to make a difference for our World.

Ann StarSong and FireHawk will lead the programme and if you would like to discuss your interest in the programme please feel free to contact them.

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