Allies: Walking in Wholeness with Our Inner Tribe
A nine month journey into (re)birthing ourselves as sacred humans. Entering a path of walking in wholeness for our people. As we journey together we aim to make new peace and deeper relation with all of the robes in our individual circles. We also are seeking new ways of learning together in supportive relationship with one another, in order to bring more wholeness to all that we touch and care about.

Introduction to the Journey

This learning journey is designed to invite us to take time to pay attention to our own wholeness, through the lenses of the 8-fold path of the Medicine Wheel. Through intention, attention, reflection and integration, we will call on ourselves and each other to go deeper and wider into the territory of Walking as a Chief for our people.

Pele and FireHawk will be the guides and teachers and Amy and FireHawk will be holding the technical aspects of the journey.

Starting with our Base Camp in May, we will familiarize ourselves with the new learning environment that has replaced the Ning lodges. At first, we will provide a light scaffolding to hold us as we embark. Each month, as we play alive a new aspects of the Medicine Wheel, we will add other facets to our online home. 

We are seeking a deeply collaborative learning experience. In one sense, you already have all the information needed to work the deeper waters of your own Self Knowledge, this journey focuses us on the application of the Earth Wisdom we carry in our daily lives.

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Meeting ID # 458-560-9428

Time & Dates

5:30pm PT/ 7:30 CT/ 8:30 ET
May 16thJune 27th | July 19th | August 15th | September 19th | October 17th | November 14th | December 12th | January 21st | February 27th

Allies Learning Lodge Forums

Learning Journey Content

Territories Status

BASECAMP: May 16th to June 26th – Command, Robes & Wheel of the Self


WHAT IS SO NOW? - June 27th to July 18th


EAST MEETS WEST - July 19th to August 14th - Creator/Nurturer


SOUTH MEETS NORTH - August 15th to September 18th - Adventurer/Warrior


INTEGRATION MONTH ONE - Cardinal Allies - September 19th - October 16th


INTEGRATION MONTH TWO - Cardinal Allies - October 17th - November 13th


SOUTHEAST & NORTHWEST ALLIES - November 14th - December 11th - Artist/Lover & Hungry Learner


SOUTHWEST & NORTHEAST ALLIES - December 12th - January 22nd - Strict Guide & Alchemical Magician


INTEGRATION MONTH - Non-Cardinal Allies - January 23rd to February 26th


CLOSING CEREMONY - February 27th

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