2020 Summer Solstice Gathering

Please Join Us…


…for a unique experience, both online and on Earth, 

where we will gather in a sacred way, 

taking time to seek out what we choose

to give back to Mother Life,

as an expression of our gratitude

for the gift of Life.

For 18 Summers, we have gathered in the redwood forest as a community of seekers.

This year, the global Rite of Passage called forth by the coronavirus, calls us to meet as a community in a different way.

We will be making our own ceremonies on the land as we also join together as a community online.

We invite you to gather with us online and on Earth in ceremony, this June, to engage in a shared process of discovering what we each commit to give back to Life.

Read About the Summer Solstice Gathering Story Here

There are four elements of this Summer Solstice Gathering listed below.

It is important to recognize that our participation in this ceremony asks us to find a quiet place on the land where we can do our work. Being on the land helps us experience our community's shared intention and remember our place in the web of life.

To continue the tradition of Summer Solstice that we began in 2002, a smaller group of people will gather on Saturday the 20th of June in a circle of redwoods with the Tree of life.  

(This is a totally optional element of the gathering.)

Meeting in Triads on three (or more) different occasions at mutually agreeable times is an important aspect of this year's Gathering.

If you commit to participating in the 2020 Summer Solstice Gathering, we ask that you make space in your life for the totality of the ceremony.

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The ceremony will take place over an 9-day period from June 13th - 21st. 

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Online sessions of 2 to 2.5 hours will take place at 10:00 AM PDT on June 13th, 18th, 19th, and 21st.

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On Earth

Time on the land on June 17th, 19th, and 20th.

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Each quarter after June, we will offer an opportunity for the community to gather online in support of our commitments.

Some words about money…

We live in an extraordinary time. 

We are aware of how uncertain finances are for many of us right now.

We offer the following four options of exchange for this ceremony and ask that you to choose what truly works for you.

The fee covers all elements of The Summer Solstice Gathering listed above.

It is our principle that no one who is deeply called to participate is turned away just for financial reasons.

A Wheel of Our Summer Solstice Gathering Flow
June 13th to June 21st

Turquoise Dates are Online Gathering Days - each one at 10:00 AM to Noon-ish PDT

Registration is now closed - if you are reading this on June 13th or June 14th,
reach out and we can see if you can still be be included.