Center for Timeless
Earth Wisdom

Earth has been evolving for 4.5 Billion years.

Humans have been evolving for around 200,000 years. Until modern times, humans were intimately woven into the web of life.  Over thousands of years, we learned the secrets of reciprocity and reverence, partaking of and giving back to our Mother Earth.

If ever there were a time for humanity to remember how to listen, to and learn from the abundance of Earth's Wisdom, it would be now.

The Earth Wisdom Teachings that we carry are part of thousands of years of oral tradition that flows from those who travel from place to place, offering teachings through stories and ceremonies, with the people who gather in a circle to learn together with Earth. 

These wisdom teachings, are both related to and different from the tribal teachings of specific ancestral lineages and places on Earth. They reflect the mixing of the races and the potential to be a thread in the fabric of realizing an ancient dream of one thousand years of people living in peace and  harmony on Earth.

We carry and offer this wisdom in respect of the ongoing journey of all human beings and of Earth herself. For, as we face significant and critical challenges, we are all being called to make manifest our highest individual and collective wisdom in ever-deepening relationship with our Mother Earth.

We offer ceremonies that include a new weaving of energies between the land of the Earth Realm and the connections of the Digital realm…

Because of Coronavirus, all of our ceremonies in 2020 were held onLine, in what we call the Digital Realm. It is our belief and our knowing that the Digital Realm, like all of Life, is Sacred, if we have the skill and courage to make it so, together.

Our favorite form of ceremony is the Learning Journey, where a circle of people agree to travel together for a season of time and are dedicated to one another's learning and growing, without reservation.

Many years ago, our teachers, WindEagle and RainbowHawk, wrote these beautiful words.

"We hold this sacred dream…
that we are dedicated to creating and maintaining an expanding circle of humans in supportive relationship with one another, consistent with the sacred teachings  of Mother Earth, that encourages learning and growing and fosters the fulfillment of each person’s destiny as a Sacred Human Being."

At Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom, we are honored to be one thread in this evolving lineage.

Center for Timeless
Earth Wisdom

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