Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom

Earth has been evolving for 4.5 Billion years.

Humans have been evolving for around 200,000 years.

Until modern times, humans were woven into the web of life,
partaking of and working in alignment with the Wisdom of Earth.

If ever there were a time when humanity could both dance with
and benefit from the bounty of Earth’s wisdom, it is now.

Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom exists to share, apply and evolve a body of earth wisdom teachings, known as The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, 
applying them to individual lives as well as to the issues facing us all in this time on Earth.

By offering ceremonies, both OnEarth and OnLine, we seek to deepen our relationship with our selves, with one another and to re-kindle our ancient relationship with the Wisdom of Earth.

Along the way, we seek out, engage and link together people and projects that are consciously and firmly in service to all of Life.

Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom is a federally recognized, 501(c)3 public benefit corporation in the United States.

This brief video evokes why we exist and what we believe…

What is Ceremony?
As we choose to live into our own unique spiritual practices in the everyday moments of our lives, not just in the temple, on retreat or in the ashram, we come to embody the notion that “Life is Ceremony”. When we gather together for ceremony, we are making explicit an underlying truth that all of life is Sacred.

Ceremony, in a real sense, is often experienced as occurring outside of ordinary time. It unfolds in the realm that we refer to as “the shimmering”, a realm that is characterized by timelessness, and spaciousness. Ceremony lives in this realm so that we can more easily hear the deeper songs of our heart, of our soul’s insistent calling. 

Ceremony is never “casual.” It requires a shared discipline of being but never demands more than we are able to give or to be at any moment in time. Ceremony is grounded in agreement and respect for the differences among us. Ceremony lives in the belief that each person is responsible for their own journey and knows what is best for herself or himself along the way. This is why all of our work is offered in the context of ceremony.

The Earth Wisdom teachings that we, and others around the world, carry are part of thousands of years of oral traditions that flowed from those who traveled from place to place and offered teachings for the people who gathered through stories and ceremonies.

This wisdom, in many different forms, is not specific to a certain geography or a specific people.

It is offered in respect of the ongoing journey of all human beings and of Earth herself, both of whom are facing significant and critical challenges today that are calling for our highest individual and collective wisdom.

Our Essence…
We hold this sacred dream…

“That we are dedicated to
creating and maintaining
an expanding circle of humans
in supportive relationship
with one another…

…consistent with the sacred
teachings of Mother Earth…

…that encourages learning
and growing and fosters
the fulfillment of each 
destiny as a Sacred Human.” 

WindEagle and

At Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom,
 are honored to be one thread
in this ancient wisdom lineage.

Why Earth Wisdom?:
Earth Wisdom offers us many amazing ways that Earth continues to nourish her human children.

• She brings us illumination in the form of inspiring landscapes and tiny, exquisite flowers.

• She holds us in a field of love and appreciation.

• She enables the full expression of our emotions as a primary way to learn and grow.

• She helps us to remember our history and purpose.

• She literally keeps us alive through food, oxygen and shelter.

• She helps us to learn in rhythms and cycles that keep us on the edge of our seats.

• She models selfless action by continuing her support, even when we misbehave.

• And she does all of these things in ways that help us to feel energized, alive and purposeful.


Story of the Teachings