Born in the British Isles, FireHawk spent many years immersed in theatre and large-scale multi-media business communication projects.

He says that meeting his teachers 30 years ago helped him to find something that he had been seeking all of his life. A real, practical and essentially spiritual connection to the wisdom of Mother Earth in all of her beauty, wisdom and power.

Since that meeting, he and Pele have been studying and teaching Earth's Wisdom ways, and are dedicated to passing along this evolving wisdom to the generations who are coming along behind us. 

They aim to help keep alive one of the many threads that are helping us to remember how to live together on our home planet as wise stewards and full partners with all of Life on Earth.


Born into a farming family in Iowa, where the seventh generation is farming the land, Pele Rouge later travelled the world and spent two years in the Peace Corps in South America.

In the 70s, she spent time gathering large groups of people together in a University context to look into the shifting paradigms of both Western and Eastern cultures.

When she and FireHawk met their teachers in the early 90s, she also knew that she had found a path that made enormous sense to her, and she entered into their 8+ year apprenticeship with purpose and passion.

For the last 23 years, she and FireHawk have been offering ceremonies, training, rites of passage and vision quests, always in the context of how timeless earth wisdom can be applied to the times in which we live today.