Today, we pause, aware of the changing of the seasons from Autumn to Winter, aware of the wild ride that we all have been on this year, and aware that we need and want some time and space out of the ceaseless movement of current events. 

Some days we feel like we are standing at the threshold of our sacred dream of life, ready to take a slow, collective in-breath before we step across.

We crave time to be together in sacred and spacious ways to listen to the wonder of our life’s song once again.

We invite you to stretch the collective in-breath over the next four moons and gather in ceremony with a circle of people for four timeless meetings of our hearts.

Map of the Four Moon Journey

If ever there were a time to gather together in ceremony, it is now.

As human beings on Mother Earth, Life is asking us to gather together and listen to one another and to the wisdom of our own heart.  

Life is asking us to support one another in generative ways with love, compassion and sacred mirroring as we face our individual and collective challenges.

We will meet on Zoom in ceremony for two hours each month on a Saturday close to the new moon. The dates are: November 14th, December 12th, January 9th, and February 13th.

We encourage everyone to join a triad and connect online between ceremonies. The triads are designed to help deepen our learning.

We will offer optional Q&A Zoom calls during these four moons at times that are workable for those with interest.

We will record each session and offer practices and Earth Wisdom patterns for our learning during this time.

You will also have access to a private online Community Lodge, where we can support each other, share our journeys and delight in one another's virtual company.

These 4 Moons are the Kiva Moons in Our Sacred Tradition - a time to wake up and dream, to reimagine the seeds that we will plant next in the Garden of Our Life.

In recognition of the current economic times, we offer three options for financial exchange for this journey. (See below.)

Please choose the one that works best for you at this time.

If there are deeper economic challenges, please reach out to us to find a workable resolution.

Money, all by itself, is never a good reason to not come to ceremony.