OnEarth and OnLine
Ceremonial Learning


Our work, for the last 30 years, has been sharing a Sacred Wisdom Bundle of Earth's Teachings that were passed to us by our Teachers during an eight-year formal apprenticeship.

This Earth Wisdom Bundle addresses universal questions that each of us face in our lives:

Who am I?

What is mine to do?

Who are my people?

How do I choose to live? 

What has meaning for me?

We find ourselves at the stage in our lives where we are moved to take our work into the world in new and exciting ways. Stay tuned here to follow this unfolding.

This inflection point in our journey carries with it enormous excitement, fierce commitment, a touch of wistfulness, and renewing gratitude for the Teachings that we Love.

What informs our work…?

We hold that…


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that informs our work


The two quotations behind the third
and fourth image are from
Leroy Little Bear, Káinai

All Life is Sacred

Humans are Spirit Beings
who chose to come
into human form
to learn and to grow

"Humans are but one
instrument in the ongoing
orchestra of Life.

Our job is to keep
ourselves in tune and
play in harmony
with the rest of Life"

under the sky
has a voice
to speak with and
wisdom to share"

"When I first opened that invitation to train with you, I knew that I was going to do it. I had absolutely no doubt, no deliberation. It was just instantaneous. I cannot imagine my life without this. It was a magnetism that drew me into it that is indescribable.

I could not imagine how it would be before I'd experienced ceremony. I have always been wanting a deeper grounding of my being here on Earth. And the Teachings, especially the ones that have happened in nature, with the wheels, they have added a tremendous depth to my life, a new way of broadening and expanding the very heart of me."

"What drew me and attracted me to do a vision quest with you was the resonance I felt with you in the Spring Ceremony.

When I read your website, I felt connected. It felt naturally like a part of me, an innate part of me already connected to your language. Your teachings, your essence. My essence, your essence.

I felt a resonant connection, an attraction and a kind of trust. A comfort and a knowing that these are the people that I want to do this with."

For the last 30 years,
FireHawk and Pele have been breathing
the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge
 into the world.

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